The Barry Football Heritage Online Resource is an attempt to get the football history of Barry out there, in the public domain, for everybody to read, look at, and learn.

We have a fantastic heritage of sport in the town, and football is one element of that.

I hope to post as much of the research I’ve completed into local football over the coming months and years. It’ll be an ongoing project, and it’ll be updated without chronology or particular theme.

The majority of 2005 to 2008 was spent researching the history and development of the Barry & District Association Football League, and all that stuff needs a home. That home will be here, at last.

Since then, aside from being part of the old Barry Town Supporters’ Committee, and now Barry Town United AFC, my research has mostly concentrated on the history of Barry Town AFC with the club’s historian, Jeff McInery. Without whom, frankly, I wouldn’t have even started, and without whom the history of the club would not have played a part in the survival of the club at its darkest point in 2013.

Finally, just for quality control purposes; Barry Town AFC wasn’t officially titled ‘Barry Town’ until the club was reformed as a different company after the Second World War (Are you listening Welsh FA?!). The football club, between 1912 and 1944 was actually named ‘Barry AFC’. However, for sake of ease, I refer to Barry Town as just that, whether it’s before WWII or after WWII. It’s just easier. Barry AFC was being referred to as ‘Barry Town’ after the Great War, which is the reason the new company took on that name after WWII.

Anyway, I hope you get some use or enjoyment out of some of the research that will be appearing here.



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One Comment on “About”

  1. Warren says:

    Hello. I am trying to find out some information about my Grandad, Trevor Edwards. He was born in Blackwood in 1923. He moved up to the Midlands but returned to live in Barry (Broad St) with his mother (my Great Grandmother) and his wife and daughter (my Nan and Mother) to play for Barry Town. I believe this would be late 1940s. I do have a telegram sent to my Grandad from Barry Town along with other football clubs which are invaluable to me. He passed away aged 60 in 1984 (I was 11) and I have always been proud of his football past. Any information from his time at Barry Town would be hugely appreciated.

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